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Plugin WP yang sangat berguna untuk bermain Amazon

banyak sekali plugin yang ada di wordpress, namun karena banyaknya plugin yang ada membuat para pengguna wp semakin kebingungan dalam memilih plugin, apalagi bagi mereka yang menggambil kesempatan untuk meraih penghasilan di internet atau internet marketing.

salah satu kesalahan blogger adalah tidak mengerti bagaimana menggunakan plugin yang disediakan oleh sang penemu plugin, sehingga plugin yang digunakan tidak dapat dimanfaatkan dengan sebagaimana mestinya.

kali ini saya akan membongkar sedikit plugin yang wajib digunakan bagi para pengguna software wordpress sebagai alat untuk promosinya. Mungkin plugin ini sangat tidak asing bagi para pengguna amazon, tetapi semoga saja berguna bagi para pembaca.

Nama Plugin :

Platinum SEO Pack

Apa saja kegunaan plugin ini ? 

* Automatic 301 redirects for any permalink changes
* Canonical URLs
* Optimized Post and Page Titles for search engines
* Generates all SEO relevant META tags automatically
* Option to specify meta description and meta keywords tag for categories and tag pages. (**
* Option to turn off Page title or Post title rewrites for any particular post or page(**
* Option to turn off Page title or Post title format for any particular post or page
* Helps you avoid duplicate content
* Lets you override any title and set any META description and META keywords, for any post or page
* Support for custom post types
* Support for custom taxonomies in version 1.3.4 (Thanks to Aidan -
* Compatible with most other plugins, like Auto Meta, Ultimate Tag Warrior and others.However you may have to disable All in One SEO pack
* You don�t have to fear changing permalinks. If you are not satisfied with the current permalink, change it through Settings�>Permalinks in your admin panel, without worrying about loss of Page rank or google penalty.Platinum SEO plugin will take care of issuing a 301 redirect to the new location.This is a new essential feature, not present in All in one SEO
* Add index, noindex, follow or nofollow, noodp, noydir, noarchive, nosnippet meta tags to any post/page.These options are not available in All in one SEO Pack.Find out why this option to set post/page level Meta Robots Tag useful?
plugin ini bisa sangat berguna kalau kita sudah tau sasaran pduk amazon apa yang akan kita pasarkan, dalam research produk amazon, yang pertama kita lakukan adalah negara mana yang akan kita jadikan tujuan penjualan.

kedua, setelah mendapat kan negara yang jadi tujuan penjualan, maka mulai kita cari produk apa saja yang sedang laris dinegara tersebut , produk yang sedang trends, bisa dillihat didalam google trends, cara ini terhitung sangat ampuh untuk mencari apa yang sedang dicari oleh pembeli.

cara mencari di google trends harus 7 hari yang terakhir, agar tepat sasaran.

dan setelah mendaatkan produk yang dicari, maka mulailah masuk kedalam amazon, cari produk jenis tersebut yang sedang laris dan mendapatkan diskon yang cukup besar , semisal diatas $200 . 

pada tahap ini maka , saatnya plugin ini bekerja.

sebagai contoh bisa dibuat sebagai berikut : 

Title: Save up to $600 for Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Android Phone
Description: Save your money up to $ 600 for the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Android Phone just here
Keywords: save up to, $600, samsung galaxy s iii, android phone

dan bagian inilah yang paling penting dari penggunaan plugin tersebut, yaitu membidik sasaran blog tepat sasaran, salah satunya dengan menyebar luaskan situs sosial bookmarking. 

berikut adalah daftar situs sosial bookmarking : 

yang terakhir , tergantung dari usaha masing masing dalam mengupdate blog dan kualitas dari tulisan.

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The main characteristic of YotaPhone

The YotaPhone is one of those terminals that are a little UFO mobile. Half smartphone, half digital reading light, it actually tries to play on two tables for both mobile users and both readers fascinated by the rich and elusive world of ebooks. And to do so, it really does not lace since sailed no less than two touch screens! Yes, and this is finally the first device of its kind, so much that we are living a historic event. Or not, however, depending on the perspective in which it is placed.

It should be noted, in passing, is that YotaPhone is also a product conceived, designed and developed by ... a Russian company. His name? Yota Devices, and it is quite possible that you've never heard of before today. Quite logical, since the latter officiates at the moment as its own territory. That should change soon since apparently considering launching the YotaPhone internationally. In other words, it is possible that we can enjoy one day with us.

The main characteristic of YotaPhone, so these are the two touchscreens. Two screens that are each 4.3 inches and which are therefore on each side of terminal. On the front of it, we can find the same type of screen on most smartphones on the market and it is finally on the other side that is the e-ink screen similar to our good old reading lights. The advantage of this screen is that it consumes power only when its content changes. Speaking of which, it should also be noted that the screen can display different types of information such as the date, time, missed calls and many other things very friendly. Application vendors also have ample opportunity to exploit at will since it will be supplied with a comprehensive API.

Regarding other specifications YotaPhone, well, we will have a dual-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 clocked at 1.5 Ghz, 2 GB of RAM, a 12 megapixel sensor, 32 GB or 64 GB of storage space, a second sensor unknown resolution and a 2100 mAh battery to top it off. Interestingly, the mobile will be compatible with 4G LTE networks and benefit from WiFi, Bluetooth and all the nifty stuff that we find in all our terminals.

Is obviously to raise the issue of the platform. Unsurprisingly, Yota Devices opted for the Android. Finally, note that the YotaPhone should be presented at the next MWC but it should not hit the market before the end of 2013. And if you want more information, I urge you to go read the review published by Pocket-Lint.